code jax-hypernetwork
A simple & flexible hypernetwork library in jax using haiku.

video Lecture on bilevel optimization
Lecture on Bilevel optimization problems in neuroscience and machine learning at the MLSS^N 2022 summer school in Krakow.

code flaxify
Tiny utility to simplify the instantiation of haiku models.


slides Models of decision making
A one-hour workshop on models of decision making in neuroscience taught for the Swiss Study Foundation.

slides Cryptography workshop
A two-hour introductory workshop on cryptography taught online for hebbian, adaptable for students between 10-18 years.

code Equilibrium Propagation pytorch
Pytorch implementation of the Equilibrium Propagation algorithm.


slides git for open science
A four-hour workshop on git taught at the Goethe-University Frankfurt for the Frankfurt Open Science Initiative.